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The popular new material acrylic

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In recent years, the national economic development, various provinces and cities accelerated the pace of construction, real estate development, security of housing construction and need the continued support of the glass industry, especially the acrylic is hot. Home Furnishing market influx of a lot of new materials, acrylic is one of them. To the English translation of the acrylic is the "organic glass", in the 1990s began to enter the Chinese market, but in the fourteen years of time has been active in the field of outdoor advertising and outdoor decoration, into the field of interior design for a short time, and in a recent period of time, began to in home industry substantially promotion. Now let's get to know the charm of this new material.
The advantages of good shape, not fragile, very light
Compared with the market commonly used glass, plastic, acrylic material is very obvious advantages. Acrylic sheet by experts said, acrylic material has advantages good transmittance, resistance is strong, good plasticity. "Compared with the ordinary plastic material, acrylic light transmittance is best, transparent acrylic sheet transmittance is even better than glass. Compared with the traditional acrylic glass materials, the advantages of the more prominent, the fight against the strong is the most obvious advantage. Is said to in some countries have legislation explicitly, children activities places of window glass shall be based on acrylic sheet instead is because the fight against strong, unbreakable; acrylic compared to glass, another advantage is easy processing, in 180 DEG C when the variable soft, shaping, cooling to room temperature can finalize the design. In addition, acrylic material density than glass, than the same volume of material quality is much lighter."
Acrylic oxidation resistance is better, not easy to deformation and discoloration. These advantages make akley go home field, is widely used to the furniture surface, bathtub, bookcase furniture products and wall and ceiling decoration.
The effect of many colors, can create different effects
Expert told the reporter, currently on the market for Jiezhuang design sheet of acrylic colors, variety, in addition to the shape of the glass transparent acrylic, otherwise color sense of excellent monochrome acrylic board, and acrylic plate joined the shells, leaves and branches form similar varieties of amber effect. At present, the development for the decoration of the acrylic sheet color has 40 kinds. These materials according to different process cost, at 200 yuan / m2 ~ 600 yuan / square meter.
"Compared to other materials, acrylic slightly higher cost, but the types of flower color, color type and hardness than glass. In addition, for the decoration of the acrylic sheet through the built-in lighting and external lights, which have different effects. An external light source irradiation acrylic decorative surface, have a better sense of the light, and the built-in light, let the acrylic sheet showing the romantic semi transparent visual effect.
At present, monochrome or transparent acrylic material is widely used in furniture, veneer, furniture or as main material. For example in acrylic as advocate material made of bar, bar stool, tea table, and the bathtub is clean, good, not brittle. And home decoration acrylic sheet, often to join the further design, such as the application in the form of some walls and ceilings. "
The application of partition ceiling, all is the use of Wu
In the field of indoor decoration, acrylic sheet can not only be used in furniture making or furniture veneer, applied to many aspects of home decoration. The famous designer Zhao Jun Qu told reporters that the acrylic sheet permeability and plasticity, etc., which is suitable for application of partition decoration in the family. "Acrylic sheet and easy cutting and engraving and plate color, color variety, used to carve in the living room, dining room and other regional partition, not only is beautiful and transparent characteristics will enable visual extension."
The pervious to light of the acrylic is often used to light, such as the renovation, in addition to a lot of lamps and lanterns are made of acrylic material, like the DIY people may wish to design their own like a variety of appearance; in addition, due to the new home acrylic plate color, the effect of different, in the overall ceiling and walls to creative use of.
"Acrylic can point source scattering and uniform distribution, shape according to the ceiling in the room, with a different color acrylic sheet local spread, internal point light source, the effect is very good." Zhao Jun Qu said the same, home walls are available here to make changes, is on the wall and pulled out a hollow area, the built-in light source outside decorated with acrylic sheet will not only make the changes the decorative effect of the wall appears, and as a built-in lamp, through the uniform light source, create a different atmosphere at home. And like DIY owners decoration, can also use small pieces of acrylic sheet, to produce small decorations such as cutting frame.
This new material in Guangdong began to open to use, and very few companies is acrylic materials, and Guangzhou Huaming technology is the new material, and its pattern is a lot Oh, quality is also very good oh.
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