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What are the types of acrylic display rack

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 Acrylic display rack is a display using acrylic plate processing, mainly used in hotels, shopping malls, stores display of goods and. Acrylic display rack which is divided into several kinds of commonly used?

1, acrylic tobacco display
Acrylic tobacco display is common in our life a acrylic display rack, usually used to store used to display the display of tobacco products. Why choose acrylic material for tobacco display?
Acrylic has the following characteristics:
1, high permeability; up to more than 92%
2, non-toxic;
2, acrylic glasses display
Acrylic glasses display rack is a display stand display glasses, glasses are machined, in the natural environment adaptability stronger, otherwise easy to damage is susceptible to failure and are difficult to repair, and even become waste. So they need a good protection, so acrylic products have excellent weather resistance, even after exposure to the wind blowing rain acrylic products performance unchanged, but glasses display frame to share ah!
3, acrylic cosmetic display
Cosmetics display stand is we are most familiar with a display shelf, especially like shopping love make-up of the pretty girl, if you usually pay attention, you will see many shopping malls, stores display cosmetics cosmetics of acrylic display rack. Super good processing performance, variety, rich color, bright, exquisite and perfect, to the cosmetics to the effect that make the finishing point is the visual effect, make cosmetics promotional work more smoothly, greatly enhance the performance of the store, acrylic cosmetic display rack is your best wit!
4 computer display rack
The computer display holder has the function of security, which is designed for the tablet PC, the LED LCD is designed independently, and the built-in high level alarm is provided, and the wireless Bluetooth cipher alarm is provided. Dual color indication for work and alarm status.
1, that any line disconnection alarm, cut connection machine alarm show
2, the sensor alarm, that is forced to pick off the back of the sensor alarm
3, charging off alarm, which caused alarm pull machine charging interface
1, charging function, to provide power for the development of the machine, and for the development of battery charging
Because the acrylic is a development early important thermal plastic. Use of acrylic are as follows,
A. Shopping malls display; acrylic data frame, cosmetics show frame, organic glass, cosmetics showcase, jewelry boxes, jewelry items, jewelry display, image display cabinet, exhibition showcase, shoe rack, acrylic rotation showcase, watch holder, monopoly in the cupboard, organic glass cover.
Two. Tobacco smoke and alcohol; frame, cigarette case, wine, wine, wine plate, triangular Taiwan card, alcohol and tobacco monopoly cabinet etc..
Hotel, KTV; acrylic tissue box, coasters, drinks brand, real card, cup holder, a spendthrift frame, ashtrays, towel rack, toothbrush holder, toothpick box, bathroom volume paper holder.
Four. Consumer electronics; mobile phone frame, frame of USB, MP3 / MP4 display, VCD display rack, display of digital camera, notebook computer rack, hair dryer show frame, razor display frame, camera display, the decoration of the remote controller holder, notebook cooling rack, battery box image, display cabinets, designed to sell cabinet.
Five. Decoration and Signage; property signs, billboards, brand image, luminous signs, signs, distribution, licensing, licensing agent, authorization cards and membership cards, floor signs.
Six. Memorial category; acrylic frame, small fish, coins, key buckle, acrylic paperweight.
Seven. Office supplies; acrylic calendar, pen holder, name card box, pen rack, rack for calendar, stationery boxes, shelves, glasses frame, CD rack.
Eight. Crystal, crystal glue: crystal trophy, crystal model, crystal inside carving, crystal ornaments, crystal adhesive artware, genuine used products.
So the acrylic products in almost all aspects of life, almost many products produced in life.
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